The future of auditing demands an evolution — a different kind of solution. Legacy systems are leaving firms exposed to costly errors and inefficiencies. Firms need to know that they are doing what is expected, what needs to be done, that standards are covered and that they are remaining competitive while becoming more profitable. Take a look at the videos below to learn more today about Wolters Kluwer's Integrated Audit Approach.

Hear how CCH Audit Accelerator —the cloud-based data extraction and analytics software for accountants that automates and streamlines audit preparation and enables firms to provide value-added services to their clients — can save you as much as 40-48 hours per engagement.

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Learn more about our audit solution that cuts up to 20% of the time it takes to complete normal audit engagements!

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Part 1

Listen to insights on how CCH ProSystem fx Engagement can help you stay on top of trends, meet changing client needs, and simply stay focused on the things that really matter. 

Innovation is Nothing New for Raich Ende Malter and Co.

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Part 2

Discover how Engagement puts the power of paperless engagements in your hands. Obtain instant access to paperless audit and tax client binders, promptly prepare financial statements and trial balance reports, and manage all workpapers and lead sheets with no concern of conflicting copies.

Efficient Collaboration Has Never Been Easier

Forward-thinking firms are looking to their Millennial professionals to help them create smarter audit workflows and attract better clients, as well as implementing technology changes that improve client service and strengthen auditor retention. Take a look at this latest eBook Millennials in the Firm: 5 Tips to Prepare for the Future to learn more.

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Pay attention to how Knowledge Coach automatically links risks to program steps, provides diagnostics for unaddressed risks and flows information through all workpapers on the fly.

Best Practices Are a Necessity, Not an Option

Take a look at this latest eBook, that will walk you through insights to help you work seamlessly and efficiently, and keep you on track with the future of audit; which an Integrated Audit Approach can support.

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Part 1

Hear why your peer attends Wolters Kluwer's training and the User Conference, and how these activities help create a stronger ROI, increase staff efficiency, and obtain industry best practices.

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From new hires to seasoned professionals, Wolters Kluwer offers expert training and learning solutions that provide efficient skill-building opportunities for your entire staff.

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Part 2

Barry Wechsler shares insights on the importance of training. Whether you’re seeking to explore potential revenue streams or gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, specialized topics ensure you reach these goals and more.

Get the Most from Your Software Investment

Learn more about the many training and consulting options for Wolters Kluwer software solutions, discover the Top 10 Reasons to Consider Professional and Client Services, and read customer testimonials.

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Hear how Engagement Organizer simplifies the process of requesting, receiving and tracking documents, and notes with your customer.

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Participate in the Beta Test and discover how your clients can now easily upload documents into a secure portal by the date required by the auditor!

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