What are your sales and use tax obligations?

Specific to manufacturers and distributors, producing and shipping products create special sales and use tax situations. Finding the right sales and use tax code can depend on: item taxability, shipping to retailers, drop shipping, manufacturing exemptions, and interplant transfer. These are just a few situations that create sales and use tax complexity even before tracking and applying rates across more than 12,000 North American jurisdictions—which can change at any time. It’s challenging to keep up.

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Manufacturers and distributors are often audited. Failure to accurately manage sales and use tax compliance is likely to have serious consequences for manufacturers and wholesalers.

~ Mark Friedlich, Esq., CPA                                      

Understand Sales and Use Tax Obligations of Manufacturers and Distributors

Read this informative paper to examine the most critical details for manufacturers and distributors to keep compliant with sales and use tax. This paper focuses on:

  • Exemptions and Certificate Tracking
  • Research and Development
  • Transfers
  • Trade Shows
  • Sales Tax Nexus

We conclude with steps you can take to reduce your overall sales and use tax risk, and how to take advantage of manufacturers' and distributors' unique opportunities.

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