Construction Tax Implications are Confusing

Construction is the process of converting personal property into real estate. How those materials are purchased and by whom are only part of determining who owes tax to whom. When the conversion is complete tax implications depend upon what can and cannot be separated from the resulting construction. 

The complexities of construction sales and use tax often result in costly errors. They are not do-it-yourself caculations by any means.

~  Mark Friedlich, Esq, CPA.

Uncover the Complexities of Sales and Use Tax Implications in the Construction Industry

This guide helps you understand and appreciate the complexities of correctly calculating sales and use tax when erecting, constructing, altering, paving or repairing a structure, building, or infrastructure. Care must be exercised in identifying and characterizing all tangible property and services applied to them during the construction process or costly errors may be made. Includes advice on how best to reduce taxes within the law, and how automation may be used to avoid mistakes.

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