You see a bagel; we see tax risk

Not everything is as it seems. Take, for instance, the sales and use tax circling this bagel. 

Is the bagel fresh or frozen? Toasted on a plate or sold in a box? Enjoyed dine-in style or shipped out of state? The answers to those three affect the amount of tax due. It's no wonder sales and use tax can present such a risky proposition, full of complexities that can generate unsavory liabilities hidden outside the balance sheet. 

Sales tax can be as complex as a sliced bagel. Understand your risk with CCH SureTax.

Good Info to Chew On...

The sales and use tax on the exact same item you sell can differ broadly based on its journey to the cash register (or online cart). Take, for instance, the assessments attached to something as basic as a bagel.

CCH SureTax. A better choice when the details matter.


Hands-free returns process

Improve your sales tax processes and simplify your staffing without lifting a finger. CCH SureTax's real-time rates deliver accurate calculations that flow into your returns for automatic delivery, giving you more time back to focus on other priorities. 


Reduce noncompliance risk 

No need to doubt the accuracy of your returns: The rates and rules curated by Wolters Kluwer's team of tax experts - covering more than 24,000 jurisdictions and 100,000 changes each year - ensures you're covered. 


Actionable Insights

Beautiful reports and dashboards reveal nexus changes and expose insights that help you make strategic business decisions based on tax implications. The suite's business-intelligence dashboards and reporting allow you to track and manage your trends in specific states and jurisdictions to support decision making. 

Meet Our Tax Experts

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