Wayfair One Year Later: Key Changes, Trends and Predictions 

Gain a Clearer Understanding of the Rules, Their Impact and Steps You Need to Take to Comply with Complex Sales and Use Taxes

It’s the one-year anniversary of Wayfair, marking a year that was filled with sweeping law and administrative changes in sales and use tax compliance. Do you feel confident that you really know how these laws affect your business? And, do you know what steps you’ll need to take as the tax landscape continues to shift?

Here’s your solution. Presenting Wayfair — One Year Later: Key Changes, Trends and Predictions, a 30-minute webinar from Wolters Kluwer, that offers the answers and guidance you need to make well-informed decisions in this post-Wayfair world – now and in the future.

You’ll get valuable insight from renowned tax expert, Mark Friedlich, who sheds light on major Wayfair-related developments that occurred, along with the future trends he predicts are likely to happen through 2019 and beyond. Watch this webinar and discover more about:

  • The Growth of Economic Nexus States
  • Changes to the “South Dakota v. Wayfair Economic Nexus Model”
  • Business and Tax Advisor Best Practices
  • The Mixed Fate of Pre-Wayfair “Alternative Nexus” Laws
  • The Growth of Marketplace Facilitator Laws
  • The Decline of Use Tax Notice and Reporting Laws
  • The Likelihood of Federal Legislation to Address Nexus in the States
  • The Wayfair Effect on State Income Tax Nexus
  • The Rise of Taxation of Cloud-Based Services and Other Technology-Related Software and Tools
  • The Increase in Frequency of Sales and Use Tax Audits and Other Enforcement Activities: Best Practices

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