Take the Integrated Approach to Nexus Success

As you continue to expand into more new markets, this white paper explores why you should consider doing assessments and adding more automation to your sales and use tax procedures. Automating the lookup of rules and rates and the calculation of applicable tax assures accuracy and increases efficiency. Quality tax automation enables the constant updating of all regulations, rules, and rates in the database that supports your operations.

You will also learn what the consequences of failure to comply can be and why you will want to enlist the assistance of tax experts to proactively avoid penalties and noncompliance.

Free your team to focus on business growth, not ever-changing, manual Nexus related tasks

Successfully staying on top of nexus requires an integrated approach. Our research data integrates perfectly with our software. Our software integrates both with your ERP system and with our professional staff who partner and integrate tightly with you and your operations.

Stay on Top of Nexus

Do you have resources in your organization with the time, the wherewithal, the dedication, and the knowledge to track your sales to make sure you know when you’ve achieved nexus in all your markets? If you're like most organizations, probably not. Download this white paper to get recommendations that will help you stay on top of where you're achieving nexus and best practices to stay in compliance with constantly changing rules and regulations.

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