Save time processing payments with new AR Payment Import from Excel.

Processing payments can be tedious and time consuming. Let our Professional & Client Services consultants create an AR Payment Import Utility to automatically bring AR payments into your CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management system.

Use the AR Payment Import with any Excel file, including bank lock box files, 3rd party online payment sites (such as CPA Charge) or manually-keyed spreadsheets. The AR Import Utility will apply payments and report on the status of the payment.

“A seven figure cash receipts day would take almost all day to enter, but now it can take as little as an hour to import the data into Practice Management. The creation of the Practice Management import module was worth every minute put into it for us.” 
Jennifer Jones, CPA, CGMA, Chief Accounting Officer, RubinBrown

The AR Import Utility allows firms to validate data and decide how the payment will be applied before importing.

The Automated AR Import Utility is simple to use

The AR Import Utility supports multiple templates, so you can create any layout you need and save them to use for various imports from any Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet can be as simple as only 3 fields – invoice number, date of payment and amount.

The AR Import Utility will apply payments and report on the status of the payment:

  • Apply extra monies to open finance charges (if applicable)
  • Payment does not pay the invoice in full
  • Record the additional payment amount as unapplied cash

All payments are recorded as unposted. You can delete or modify any payment records prior to posting payments.

Once we’ve created your AR Import Utility, there is no yearly renewal fee (although future updates/enhancements would require a renewal fee).

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