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As 2019 winds to a close, it's imperative you review and evaluate the new and soon-to-be effective requirements to ensure they are considered for year-end reporting and provide you opportunities to optimize alternative adoption methods.

This edition of A Closer Look addresses requirements issued by the FASB, including all ASU's issued in 2019 that could affect an entity’s year-end financial reporting and select ASUs issued in prior periods that might be adopted in the current reporting period.

The discussion of each ASU is organized into 6 topics:

  • Applicability — To whom the ASU applies
  • Effective date — The effective date of the ASU for both public and non-public entities
  • Early adoption — Whether early adoption is allowed
  • Transition — Transition requirements, including allowed alternative transition methods
  • Discussion — A discussion of the guidance contained in the ASU
  • Presentation and disclosure — Disclosure and presentation requirements of the new guidance

Plus, get an in-depth update on SEC rules, regulations and other related items.

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