"[I] wanted more flexbility and autonomy than most employers provide."

After years of working in the accounting software industry, Julie Lepper decided to start her own accounting and tax firm out of her house in 2006. With two small children at home, Lepper set out to balance a fulfilling career and a growing family. A decade later, she has three kids and manages a growing accounting firm with two offices with an inspiring family-friendly environment. 

Find out why switching from UltraTax CS to CCH Axcess was a critical part of her journey by downloading the Lepper & Company, LLC case study!

Learn more about Julie Lepper's transition from UltraTax CS to Wolters Kluwer solutions in this CPA Practice Advisor article!

From the Article:

Thomson Reuters UltraTax User Changes to CCH Axcess™

“It was so much better. I was saving a ton of money. It’s cloud software: anywhere I am, I have what I need.” With the use of CCH Axcess technology, Lepper is able to allow her staff to work from home if necessary. “If someone has a sick child, they can be home.”


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