Four Keys for Retailers: Navigating Sales and Use Tax Risk (Post-Wayfair)

Navigate and Examine the Challenges of Sales and Use Tax (Post-Wayfair) 

With all of the changes since the Supreme Court's decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. and with more states taking action, there are four key areas that retailers need to consider: 

  • Consumer Expectations

  • Risk: Non-compliance risk for the business and its key officers

  • Waiting game: Retailers cannot afford to wait for future federal, state or court action to get compliant

  • Workflow: Every part of the sales tax workflow is important for the customer experience

CCH® SureTax® Integration for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Retail is designed to address the critical sales tax compliance risks faced by today’s Retailers. With states moving aggressively, it’s time to protect your business by effectively and efficiently getting and staying sales tax compliant.

Download our white paper to examine these challenges and learn what you can do about them more deeply.

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