The Two-Step Verification Process:

In October 2018, Wolters Kluwer will incorporate a Two-Step Verification Process when logging into certain solutions. This security process leverages two authentication factors to increase assurance that the individual attempting to access vital data is who they declare to be. The authentication factors that Wolters Kluwer use are:

  • Possession factors (Something you have, such as a key fob, smartphone, or external email account)
  • Knowledge factors (Something you know, such as username and password or answers to security questions)

The Importance of a Two-Step Verification Process: 

The importance of a 2-Step verification process: Cybercriminals would have a difficult time accessing your client’s data. Here’s why: after entering the password, our two-step verification process requires first-time users to enter a one-time passcode that is sent to a registered/validated telephone or email. That code must be entered within five minutes to verify the user’s identity. This criminal would need physical control of the user’s mobile device, or would need immediate access to the user’s email address. Here is the current list of Small Firms Solutions that are impacted by the two-step verification process: 

  • TaxWise® Online™
  • CCH iFirm
  • Central Office Manager (COM) (applicable for TaxWise Online customers)
  • Online Check Printing (OCP) (applicable for TaxWise Online customers)
  • Support Sites for TaxWise® and ATX™ 
  • Shopping Cart (if you purchase products via: you would have to go through the two-step verification process)
  • Refunds Today (support site, National Tax School)