CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep is the most innovative solution available for preparing tax balances quickly!

And it just got better with integration to both Xero™ and QuickBooks® Online. Stop struggling with the frustrations of:

  • Tedious steps to group trial balance accounts and assign tax codes.
  • Tedious steps to create financial statements.
  • Inability to access financial statements anytime, anywhere to serve your clients.
  • Managing duplicate processes of managing clients and staff in more than one solution.

“CCH Axcess Financial Prep is what the industry has been looking for. Firms want an integrated solution that will take data from a client system and get it into a format that can be reviewed, examined and seamlessly sent to the tax return – and that is what CCH Axcess Financial Prep does! Additionally, the integration with Xero allows us to instantaneously import our trial balances accurately into Financial Prep, saving us time. In turn, that allows us to spend more time focusing on our clients’ needs. Even more, it’s cloud based! CCH Axcess Financial Prep is the only solution in the market that flawlessly does all of this. Firms will love it!”Jason & Bernie Ackerman, BNA CPAs & Advisors

“By utilizing cloud software, all that tax accounting clean-up work that you used to have to wait to do at year end goes away. Before, you couldn't get your QuickBooks file until March, and then you worked on it and spent half the time cleaning it up just to get a tax return. Now, with the integration between QuickBooks Online and CCH Axcess Financial Prep, you can do all that cleanup work before tax season so that during tax season all you are really doing is a couple of loan adjustments and depreciation … and that goes right into CCH Axcess Tax. Hello! Way less hours needed during tax season! To me, that's the Best part of working in the cloud, and being connected to your customer all year long.” Jody Padar, CPA, CEO and Principal, New Vision CPA Group

CCH Axcess Financial Prep Adds Value

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This innovative end-to-end solution is fully integrated with CCH Axcess™ Tax, maximizing your efficiency and enabling your firm to offer client service excellence. You can now upload your client’s data, and your financials and lead sheets automatically create for you. All you need to do is make your adjustments and send your balances to CCH Axcess Tax. Your commitment to providing the highest quality service available will help you in building strong client relationships. Join the journey to the cloud – the foundation for your future preparations, compilations, reviews and audits.

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