See how TeamMate Analytics comes with pre-packaged modules that are fully customizable, allowing your firm to standardize tests for all your engagements. Check out the video, and then fill out the form to request an audit test drive today!

Straight from Your Peers

“When it comes to audit preparation, with regard to receiving client data, it has always been difficult and time consuming to gather it all and get it into a format ready for testing. Adding the CCH Audit Accelerator and TeamMate Analytics solutions to our audit workflow has changed our world, though. What use to take as much as 180 hours in years past now takes as little as 1-hour. That is an amazing amount of time saved. With it, our auditors can now deliver deeper insights to the client, thus enhancing the client’s experience. We are looking forward to moving toward “continuous auditing” throughout the entire year.”

— Muhammad Hussain, Senior Audit Manager, EOS Accountants LLP

“Compared to other tools we’ve used, TeamMate Analytics has a lot of functions already setup in it where you can just click on what you want to do, versus having to really understand how to make a product do the data mining you want. Additionally, we expect that adding CCH Audit Accelerator to our audit workflow as well will further simplify and streamline our data-gathering from our clients. For example, we spent an excess number of hours reformatting data from .CSV to .TXT format for a client, prior to CCH Audit Accelerator. Now, with just a few clicks, that’s all done within minutes. In fact, that client was so amazed they asked where they could buy the product!”

— Griff Babb, Audit Partner, Whitley Penn

Advance Your Data Analysis for Every Audit

TeamMate® Analytics is a powerful solution accessed from within Excel® that supports analytic testing with configurable modules that automate audit tests.

Why is this important?

Because analytic tools are costly and, therefore, not accessible to every auditor and every audit. Plus, TeamMate Analytics takes the guesswork out of not only knowing HOW to do data analysis but also HOW TO INTERPRET IT.

Access. Automate. Analyze — The Triple A Effect with CCH® Audit Accelerator

Change your world even further by combining CCH Audit Accelerator with TeamMate Analytics. CCH Audit Accelerator is a cloud-based solution that provides the auditor the ability to connect with a client’s accounting package. This connection is a one-time, one-way secure connection that gives the auditor all the detailed historical data needed for an audit.


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