Be Ready in 2018

In a professional firm, knowledge is the cornerstone of a quality audit, and can be the difference between compliance and noncompliance. See firsthand how Wolters Kluwer’s intuitive and powerful audit software can help you:

  • Improve audit quality
  • Streamline audit process efficiencies
  • Deliver the highest level of client service

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement 

Recommended by more customers than any other solution on the market, Engagement puts the power of paperless engagements in your hands.


CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach

Create higher quality audits with a solution that offers a planning tool, dynamic workpapers tailored for your client, and an audit workflow management all rolled into one.


TeamMate® Analytics

Perform powerful data analysis to deliver significant value for your team and your clients.


CCH® Audit Accelerator 

Experience a whole new world that, depending on the size of the audit, you can gain as much as 40-48 hours per engagement.



The combination of these solutions make up Wolters Kluwer's Integrated Audit Approach — A New Perspective on Audits

Wolters Kluwer Integrated Audit ApproachWolters Kluwer's Integrated Audit Approach is the industry's most advanced audit system, that puts audits back in the hands of the auditor.

TeamMate AnalyticsTeamMate® Analytics, offers 150+ tools specifically designed to meet the analytic needs of CPA firm auditors and accountants.

CCH ProSystem fx EngagementCCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement — K2 quality award for audit technology — organizes your tax documents and automatically generate tax returns! CCH ProSystem fx Knwoledge CoachTake control of your audit process with CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach, that includes dynamic workpapers tailored for your client.
CCH Audit AcceleratorExperience a whole new world with CCH® Audit Accelerator, and gain 40-48 hours per engagement. CCH Accounting Research ManagerCCH® Accounting Research Manager®, Your single source for in-depth accounting and audit research information.