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U.S. Master Tax Guide® (2024)
Book Cover
The most sought-after resource on federal taxation changes that affect 2023 returns.
$205.00 $143.50
Internal Revenue Code (Summer 2023)
Book Cover
A comprehensive resource featuring the complete Internal Revenue Code in two volumes.
$359.00 $251.30
Income Tax Regulations (Summer 2023)
Book Cover
An essential resource for compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.
$479.00 $335.30
GAAP Guide® (2024)
Book Cover
The most comprehensive resource for understanding and applying authoritative GAAP literature in clear language.
$795.00 $556.50
GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual (2023-2024)
Book Cover
A valuable reference source for financial statement disclosures and key presentation requirements.
$755.00 $528.50
GAAS Guide® (2024)
Book Cover
An essential resource to clarify auditing, attestation, preparation, compilation, and review standards.
$569.00 $398.30
State Tax Handbook (2024)
Book Cover
The perfect quick-answer tool for working with multiple state tax jurisdictions.
$285.00 $199.50
Guidebook to California Taxes (2024)
Book Cover
The premier source for quick reference to all taxes levied by the state of California.
$285.00 $199.50
Guidebook to New York Taxes (2024)
Book Cover
Provides practitioners with concise and authoritative information on New York State taxation.
$285.00 $199.50
Federal Estate & Gift Taxes: Code & Regs (Including Related Income Tax Provisions), As of March 2023
Book Cover
An indispensable single-source compilation of estate and gift tax law.
$215.00 $150.50
Handbook of Financial Management (2023-2024)
Book Cover
A comprehensive source covering all key aspects of accounting and financial management.
$529.00 $370.30
U.S. Master Depreciation Guide (2024)
Book Cover
A comprehensive resource for understanding and applying complex depreciation rules to fixed assets.
$395.00 $276.50
U.S. Master Estate and Gift Tax Guide (2024)
Book Cover
A reliable resource covering topics focused on federal estate and gift tax planning and more.
$275.00 $192.50
Multistate Tax Guide to Pass-Through Entities (2024)
Book Cover
An excellent source of guidance on multistate tax planning techniques.
$1,015.00 $710.50
Multistate Corporate Tax Guide — Mid-Year Edition (2023)
Book Cover
Focuses on new and emerging issues in state and local taxation.
$715.00 $500.50

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