Preparing Tomorrow's Tax & Accounting Leaders

At Wolters Kluwer, we can help you Grow, Manage and Protect your firm. As your staff plays a vital role in this process, we want to also help you invest in your "rising stars" — the Emerging Leaders within your firm.

This year at CCH Connections: User Conference, we are offering an Emerging Leader Business Acumen Program. Through this Program, a select group of Emerging Leaders will be able to attend the User Conference at 50% off the regular registration fee, and get an experience tailored to help them grow and develop.

What is An Emerging Leader?

An Emerging Leader is someone recognized as a rising star: highly motivated young professionals poised for achievement in the profession. An Emerging Leader may or may not be in management or have direct reports, but has a significant span of influence within the firm. These individuals may already be recognized as informal leaders, with the best interest of the firm in mind at all times. Most importantly, Emerging Leaders should be engaged, motivated, and ready to make a lasting impact!


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What's Included?

50% Off

Discounted registration includes all of the activities of the standard registration (meals, evening events, etc.), as well as special sessions and opportunities to meet Wolters Kluwer executives.


Special On-Site Activities
Including focused sessions and courses specifically designed for Emerging Leaders, where they will learn the skills needed to think more strategically and become the leaders of tomorrow.


NEW! Expert Advisor Program
Meet an established professional and a Wolters Kluwer expert in your Emerging Leader's area of expertise for a personal advisory session at the conference, with three follow-up calls throughout the year to help keep their growth on course!



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Enter one or more members of your staff for consideration to be a part of the #CCHUC19 Emerging Leaders program!

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“One of the best things you can do is send someone to the User Conference.”

- Garrett Wagner, CPA, CITP

*Applicants for the Emerging Leaders Program at the CCH Connections: User Conference are selected at the discretion of Wolters Kluwer. Space in the program is limited and not all applicants may be accepted.