The Future of Accounting

Driving Peak Performance through Digital Transformation

Ten years ago, Wolters Kluwer was helping firms transition from paper to digital workflows. Five years ago, we were encouraging forward-thinking firms to adopt cloud solutions. Today, we stand ready to help firms achieve the next level of performance using advanced technologies like AI and data analytics, enabling them for future growth and success. This white paper looks at ten years of industry research to determine how firms that are outperforming their competition are using new technologies, and just as importantly, how they are innovating in their approach to client engagement and service.

With ten years of industry research and input from some of the industry's most influential figures  —  including Darren Root, Jody Padar, Sandra Wiley, Lisa Johnson, and more — this is your definitive guide to the the future of the industry!

Featuring more than 20 tracked industry trends, including: 

Top Firm Issues 2019

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