Wolters Kluwer surveyed tax and accounting firms to find out how technology has helped them achieve peak performance outcomes. We found 5 areas where firms are moving forward with the help of technology.

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AGILITY: Leveraging Innovation to Increase Your Firm's Agility

“We built this great culture and environment where our team just solves problems very, very fast. If somebody has an idea, by the end of the day, it's in our template library. They get together and they just do it in real time. We give our clients the same kind of thing.”
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EFFICIENCY: How to Improve Efficiency in a Digital Firm 

“We've been able to save time on our clients' tax returns so that [the partners] can focus their time on the more difficult and time-consuming business and other returns. Meanwhile, they are providing our clients with fewer errors, quicker turnaround times, and better customer service.”
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GROWTH & PROFITABILITY Understanding and Serving Your Clients Better 

“I think that we've been as proactive as we can be. We assisted almost 200 clients in applying for the PPP loans...  It's given us an opportunity to be in front of our clients and really helping them. When they've received their PPP loan money, you know, they're just amazed.”
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TRANSFORMATION: Adapting to Change in a Transforming Profession

“Don't be afraid to embrace the change. It's always painful. I mean, we're accountants, we don't like change. We love paper and we love to accumulate stuff. Those types of things you have to let go of and transition into more of the digital world...  You have to go through a little bit of the pain and suffering and learning curves because the outcomes are efficiencies, job enjoyment, return on your investment, and quality of life.”
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