Conquer This Tax Season Head On

The tax season ahead is going to be a challenge. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in play, client inquiries are going to increase pressure on what’s already being forecasted as a compressed busy season. Add to that staffing challenges, clients submitting their source documents in piecemeal, and the state taxing agencies’ new 10 Business Day Rule for electronically filed returns, and you’re talking about a perfect storm heading your way.

Rest easy – Wolters Kluwer is here to help you get through tax season. Whatever your firm’s size or situation, discover how our comprehensive, time-saving software solutions, services and resources will help you get through the tax season with less stress, a better work/life balance, and the potential to grow revenues and profitability.

Here are some things you can do now to get ready for the year ahead:

Resources to Help You Get Ready for 2019


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