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Successfully Managing the Pace of Change

“Clearly the pace of change has accelerated, particularly for our profession, as these platforms and technologies have moved into the field of accounting. I would say that the integrated platform will lead quickly to the automation of tasks because having that integration is what facilitates automation.”
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Virtual and Semi-Virtual Firms: Benefits for Your Firm

“Clients love our virtual model. They can more easily meet with us when it’s a quick 15-minute virtual meeting. They get faster service. They save time not having to come to our office. Our new clients are coming to us specifically because they want to ditch the old traditional model.”
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Understanding the Evolution of the Cloud

“It was more than 10 seasons ago that we started automating and using workflow solutions that were more paperless.... We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate with technology and how to make our work easier and how to move toward a higher level of analytical work. Our investment in technology made our work better, smarter and faster — and allows us to provide better client service.”
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New Strategies for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

“What has changed over time is how things have become more digital across the board. We have more access to data now to dig into the details. It’s an exciting time for our firm. It’s a passion for our firm to get our hands on the data and be able to visualize it through dashboard technology. We’ve been working on this pretty hard for the past year.”
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Overcoming Commoditization and Adding Value

“It is more rewarding. The reviewers are spending more time finding opportunities and comparing projections with the client. The feedback loop is that clients are more appreciative getting that immediate ‘this is why this happened’ information when we do their taxes. Our time savings through automation has given us that extra time to meet with clients.”
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Infographic: Moving Forward to Peak Performance

Firms measure ROI in different ways depending on their specific needs and goals. By tracking metrics around agility, efficiency, profitability, growth and transformation, firms can measure what matters and move towards peak performance.