As Telecom Turns Tech Taxes Get Tougher

Multiple rules, rates, and jurisdictions make tax on telecom tricky to begin with. Expanding into an exploding array of technology services adds a whole new dimension of difficulty you must be prepared to collect, process, and remit properly to remain compliant and avoid penalties. 

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"Along with voice, video, and textual data are a constantly exploding variety of technologies and technology applications all leveraging telecom and datacom."

~Mark Friedlich, Esq., CPA.

Increasing Intricacy as Telecom Taxation Transforms into Technology Taxation

Today's telecom and datacom services transport voice, video, textual data, cloud computing services, internet-of-things, edge computing services, and much more. Each has its own sales and use tax which occur at federal, state, city, county, even district levels and each collects sales tax, communications services, business and occupation, and utility users tax. Rules vary from state-to-state. Rates vary from state-to-state. If you're operating in multiple geographies you need to know, follow, and fulfill them all.

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