New Nexus Rules You Must Know

The eCommerce revolution is quickly merging our physical and online shopping worlds, creating a buy anywhere, any time, deliver anywhere, and pick-up-in-store world. And because of this, selling and providing goods and services across the country and around the globe can cause massive sales tax confusion. CCH® SureTax® helps retail companies simplify their complicated sales tax processes. It includes all of the tools that support an end-to-end sales tax workflow. Because our tax experts constantly monitor state and local sales tax for changes, you always have the latest tax information so that your company can take advantage of the multichannel retail opportunity ahead.

“The complexities of construction sales and use tax often result in costly errors. These are not do-it-yourself calculations by any means.” 

Mark Friedlich, Esq, CPA.

Five Truths to Help U.S. Retailers Get Ready for the Holiday Season

These five truths will help you clearly understand how easy it is to be out of compliance with nexus, your responsibility to collect and remit tax in states and localities you sell into, even though you don’t have a physical presence there. Now you simply need to exceed their sales volume threshold. You’ll learn why you need to apply automation to assure accuracy and complete compliance and how CCH Suretax provides that automation.

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