Gain a competitive edge

CCH Axcess Engagement, an umbrella solution with a unique approach, helps firms ensure governance, risk mitigation and compliance to standards. Flexible enough for both simple and complex engagements of any type, this solution provides benefits like:

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating low-value tasks to save more time for advisory work
  • Win the war for talent by providing cutting-edge tools auditors want
  • Eliminate server management and associated costs, enabling you to focus on clients instead of technology

Streamline collaboration. CCH Axcess Engagement takes efficiency to a new level, for both your engagement team and for your clients. It eliminates the struggle of obtaining information from clients in a timely manner. Your engagement team can rely on knowing they are always reviewing the latest changes. And so much more. This solution provides quick access to real-time data and real-time collaboration.

Strengthen workpaper management. With this true cloud-based workpaper management and trial balance solution, you will compile and organize data, collaborate and review, and roll forward all of your engagements. The integration built into the CCH Axcess platform means never having to enter the same data twice. Workpapers stay updated and accurate, even as they are shared amongst the audit or tax team.

Retain and engage staff. Failure to adopt time-saving automation technology and outdated methods are primary reasons good staff leave a firm. CCH Axcess Engagement is cutting edge technology with an easy-to-use, familiar interface flexible enough for anytime/anywhere work, and it eliminates repetitive tasks enabling more focus on client insights. End result? A valuable staff experience.

Knowledge Coach with CCH Axcess Engagement has customizable options at a variety of levels for completion of a full audit, as well as preparations, compilations and reviews.

Integrated CCH Axcess Engagement combines audit workpaper management and audit methodology in a single application used to perform an audit of financial statements that complies with today's AICPA Audit Standards.

Get the most out of your solution without getting more than you need

CCH Axcess Engagement's four licensing types lets users pick what’s applicable when creating each engagement, and then provides only the needed features.

  1. Essentials, provides trial balance, reports, sending tax balances to a tax return, basic workpaper management functionalities including upload/download workpapers, organize workpapers/reports/leadsheets in folders, open Word/Excel workpapers in application and linking amounts to workpapers
  2. Pro, includes the functionality in Essentials and also advanced workpaper management including sign offs, notes, lock workpapers, roll-forward workpapers and copy engagement w/workpapers
  3. Knowledge Coach PCR, contains planning and practice aids for preparations/compilations/reviews
  4. Knowledge Coach, adds practice aids for planning and risk assessment in completion of a full audit. Further, by using Knowledge Coach with CCH Axcess Engagement, firms gain a competitive edge while avoiding over/under auditing through tools like:
  • Link procedures to risk, easily identify risks throughout
  • Robust/interactive diagnostics, in-line w/related questions, monitor diagnostic status types (incomplete forms/steps, changes needing review) and logic diagnostics that indicate potential errors needing resolution, ensuring standard/regulation compliance
  • Tips/answer effects, provided contextually, adds guidance on how forms interrelate (where answers will flow; how forms are tailored based on responses) needed to efficiently research topics, answer questions and manage engagements
  • Research, contextual links directly to standards and guides on CCH® Accounting Research Manager®, provides subscribers built-in reference links to most up-to-date content available   
  • Roll-forward engagements to subsequent periods, driving unparalleled efficiency gains
  • Update forms/checklists to latest version anytime, ensuring compliance w/latest content while also automatically retaining responses
  • Additional features/benefits, like clarity about where to start, faster team collaboration, ingestion of Trial Balance, workpapers w/sign-offs, access to all industry titles and more

Add Validate to fast track bank confirmations. This patented technology leverages blockchain for added security.

Customer testimonials

"Financial statements in CCH Axcess Engagement are auto-generated, which will be great for planning, materiality and knowing where to focus. Additionally, our reviewers will be able to compare the financial statement to the trial balance much faster than before."

Amanda Gessner, CPA, CFE

Audit Manager, Schmitz-Holmstrom