In the wake of the increasing globalization of accounting standards, it is crucial for you to understand these international accounting standards. CCH Accounting Research Manager IAS Standard is an integrated, all-in-one, comprehensive resource that provides you with everything you need to ease the transition.

IAS Standard includes all the detailed analysis, authoritative documents and new developments related to IFRS. Everything is integrated to streamline your workday and simplify your research.

Key Features

Simplify your financial reporting research...

  • Summarized guidance by financial statement caption and other common topics
  • Links to all relevant literature and clearly distinguished U.S. GAAP and IFRS guidance
  • Topics include business combinations, intangibles, stock-based compensation, equity and more
Update Tools

Accounting Research Manager dramatically expands your research capabilities. It's like adding your own staff of researchers whose sole purpose is to track important accounting developments for you. Our outstanding team of content editors takes pride in updating the system on a daily basis, so you stay as current as possible. What's more, our experts attend many standard setter meetings and summarize the results to you. That means you'll learn of newly released literature and deliberations of current financial reporting projects as soon they occur!

Weekly Summary Email Alerts — The most current developments in financial reporting, conveniently emailed to you at the end of each business week so that you can quickly learn of topics that could affect your company. 

ARM Daily News — Each day, our expert staff will choose key accounting, auditing, international, regulatory (e.g., SEC) and governmental news that may affect your organization and bring them directly to your desktop by email. In addition to clear and concise news reporting, where appropriate, links will be provided to ARM's exclusive deeper analyses of the developments and to the relevant source materials.

White Paper: Are You Ready to Adopt IFRS? 

What's New Checklist — This at-a-glance checklist notifies you of recent changes in international accounting principles.